Tiz Zaqyah Menyanyi ?

wah..yassin siap puji tue suara tiz..
harap nyer betul la sedap.. 
bingit telinga dgr kat drama2 bila pelakon yg nyanyi..
tunggu abes lagu br pasang cenel drama tu semula :P

nie artikel nyer .. credit to Malay Mail
By : Eena Houzyama

It was estimated that approximately five million viewers tuned in to catch the final episode of Nur Kasih the drama se­ries last year.

With such an encouraging number, it is no wonder that director Khabir Bhatia, his wife Mira Mustaffa (who also wrote the story) along with its pro ducers decided that fans would appreciate that the series be featured as a movie. Thus, the making of Nur Kasih the Movie began and it is said to be re leased in March next year.
Although everyone involved in the making of the movie were sworn to secrecy regarding the storyline,The Malay Mail got a chance recently to have a sneak peek at the making of the movie´s OST video clip, also titled Nur Kasih.

The original track, composed and performed by award-winning producer/singer Yasin, was the theme song for the drama series.However, due to its haunting melodies which grabbed the attention of fans, producers have asked Yasin to re-mix the song to be used as the original soundtrack for the movie as well. But this time there is a twist! Yasin does not sing the song alone, instead, he is joined by lead actress Tiz Zaqyah (who plays the main character Nur Amina in both the series and movie).

Tiz is not known to be a singer but here we find her crooning alongside Yasin for the movie's OST. The video clip, directed by Faizal Ishak was shot at the green paddy fields of Tanjung Karang as well as in Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor."It was my first time in a recording studio. I was so nervous, especially since I am singing a number popu larised by Yasin. It was difficult to find my own style and voice as Yasin already had his trademark style on the song," said Tiz on her recording experience.
She added that she had mixed feelings when asked to sing the theme song, mainly due to the fact that she is not an experienced singer and was afraid if fans could not accept her singing. However, she felt very lucky to be given the opportunity to be part of the theme song.
Yasin told The Malay Mail that, ar rangement wise, there was not much to change in the theme song as he felt that the original composition had worked perfectly.
"Changing the main arrangement of the song would make it less authentic and not as good. Having said that, we did however re-record the vocals due to the key change," he said.One big difference between the movie soundtrack and the one featured in the series, is that Tiz is fea tured as the main vocalist and Yasin, a back-up."For a first-timer, she can sing very well. Perhaps with more focus and work on her vocals, Tiz can be a very good singer," added Yasin when asked to comment on Tiz's singing.
"I don't think I will be coming out with an album anytime soon," Tiz re sponded. "I am still so new in the act ing scene and would like to give my full attention to acting first."Besides, I think I need to build my confidence first. I have stage fright. One song for the movie is enough for now, just to gain some exposure," she admitted, saying that even her own father had not heard her sing yet.
When coaxed to reveal some infor mation regarding the storyline of Nur Kasih the Movie, Tiz remained tight-lipped."All I can say is that Mira managed to write a very interesting story. There are bits and pieces slowly revealed in the movie."If you are a true Nur Kasih fan, this movie is a must-watch as you will be able to see the progress of the story. B e s i d e s , there are lots of shocking moments!"
Playing the lead female role for both the series and movie can be a huge responsibility for such a young artiste but Tiz has managed to maintain her char acter well from the beginning.
She said that the support of all those involved in the series and movie has made it easier for her to develop her role as Nur Amina."Waiting for the movie to be released is a bit scary. But, all of us had given our best to the production. Insyaallah, fans will be happy with its outcome," she said.
But with every movie made as a sequel to a hit TV series, fans are bound to have high expec tations of the end product.
And would a viewer who has never followed Nur Kasih the series be able to enjoy the movie?
"Oh, anyone can watch this movie. You don't have to be a true fan to understand what is told in Nur Kasih the Movie."I believe that it is a movie for everyone to watch," claimed the aspiring actress who went on to reveal that, unlike the drama series which tells the story of love sacrificed between people, the movie is about the sacrifice of love for the Divine.



  1. sedap kot sore tiz 2 kalo da yassin puji..:P

  2. Eena Houzyama ni isteri yassin. die sendiri tulis.

  3. ada vidio dia nyanyi x???
    kt ne nk dengar???