Device to Detect Age ?? Jadi ker..

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That girl who you've picked up and says is 21?  Well, just to make sure she isn't 15 (or 30), the Japanese have developed a rather discriminating little device that produces different sorts of mosquito buzzes, which can only be heard by certain age ranges. They've got one for teens, someone who's in their twenties, one for the thirties, and ones for the forty and older range. So if you're that hung up on a girl's age, then you can find a way to easily tell for yourself if she's old enough to be your mother, or young enough to land you a jail sentence. Then again, you could just go ahead and not worry about it. If the girl is all the things you want her to be, what difference does age make? -

nota kaki : mcm x logik jer.. bunyik nyamuk berdengung dah la slow.. tambah dgn telinga zaman bile tah last  korek ..huhu .. :) ..  Lgpon.. zaman skang nie age doesnt really matter.. yer dop.. 



  1. alat ni memang ramai orang jepun pakai nak halau nyamuk..sebab dorang tak tahan dengan nyamuk..kulit dorang alah...

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  2. tapi mesti da gak yang menipu..umor da 30 tapi letak kat 20..

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