Gothic Lolita ~

Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (ゴスロリ gosurori, sometimes alternatively (though incorrectly) "Loli-Goth") has two definitions. The term "Gothic and Lolita" is used by the Japanese to describe a sub-culture of teenagers who wear a wide range of fashions. It is used by English language sources mainly to describe a specific subset of Lolita fashion.
                                                                            -source Gothic_Lolita

Contoh subsets of 'Gothic Lolita :
  •  amarori (sweet lolita) - wear childish pastel colors and cute prints
  •  shirorori (white lolita)- wear all white
  •  dark lolita
  •  kurorori (black lolita) - wear all black
  •  punk lolita 
  •  country lolita - wear gingham and/or fruit prints and often have little straw hats or straw purse/basket accessories
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