News & Rumours : Glee Season 2

all the original casts ♥ source : google
Att : to all GLEEK.... next month hidup kita akan kembali berlagu riang.. yeay.. Season 2 will be back with more drama , lagu2 yg best , new cast and hot guest appearance. Season 2 will pick up at the beginning of a new school year at McKinley High, where the members of New Directions are bigger losers than ever before following their disappointing third-place finish at Regionals.Theme of the second season is ‘Do you have what it takes to win?’
Series          Season             Title                           Original air date                         
            23                    1              "Auditions"               September 21, 2010    
            24                    2              "Britney/Brittany"      September 28, 2010
            25                    3              "Faith"                      October 5, 2010          
            26                    4              "TBA"                      October 12, 2010        
            27                    5              "TBA"                      October 19, 2010          
charice    (source : google)
Seperti yg telah diketahui ramai.. ke ada yg lom tahu.. Charice akan join Glee this season bukan sekadar jd cameo.. knal x charice.. ala yg Pinoy dulu masa kecik2 masuk show Oprah n duet ngan Celine Dion.. power tu suara dia.. dia akan jd new Rachel's rival.. suka2.. other guest stars seperti Susan Boyle and Javier Bardem. Ada yg kata JLo dan Justin Timberlake pon ader..♥♥

"Britney/Brittany" episode was Spears' idea . The episode will not only focus on her music, but also her public image. Many of the show's young cast members were inspired to pursue musical careers by Spears.The episode will feature cover versions of six of her songs, two of which will be performed by Morris. "Stronger","Oops!... I Did It Again", "...Baby One More Time", and "Toxic" have all been confirmed,with "I'm a Slave 4 U" being a possibility. - quote from one of the gossip punyer website.

Nk qoute lg ...
Relationships will be tested as love will blossom in unexpected places. “Tina is going to fall out of love with Artie and in love with Mike,” the director revealed. And fans of a Brittany-Santana love connection may have something to look forward to as writers are considering an episode where Santana and Brittany kiss....woot..wooot..
ps: sama-sama la kita nantikan ..